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Welcome to Education Plus!

3207771_printThis academic year continues to be a year of change in Texas Education. New assessments have been eliminated just as they were being implemented. Other assessments are being implemented for the first time.  How are students, teachers, coordinators and district staff to cope?

We provide digital products and other services complementing those products offered by the Jarrett Publishing Company. Education Plus has the same high standards of quality as the Jarrett Publishing Company--the main difference is simply that our products are offered in digital rather than printed form.

At present, we have five products available--our popular World History Test Bank, our Grade 8 Social Studies Test Bank, our new U.S. History and World Geography Test Banks, and our state-adopted Mastering Grade 5 Science online program.

To learn more about these exciting products and to see how they can help your students, please click on the product tabs above.

Some Recent Comments

"Hey Mark, this looks great! Is there a Word version of 10th grade, too? Please let me know ASAP about the W Geo and US History banks, we'll purchase as soon as they're ready. We have been very impressed with these test banks in Tyler ISD. Good assessment questions for Social Studies are nearly impossible to find but the Jarrett test banks have a depth and breadth of high quality assessment items aligned to Texas standards. Thanks again!"

--Amy Lynn Mount, Coordinator of Social Studies, Tyler ISD

"Thank you so much! I look forward to your U.S. History since 1877 bank.  And I agree, the World Geography one can be valuable to districts, as we still need to prepare students for the rigor of the U.S. history STAAR/EOC by rigorous teaching and testing in the World Geography and World History courses, too!"

--Lanette Aguero, GPISD Social Studies facilitator, GPISD Education Center

"Thank you so much for all the effort your team has put forth in creating both the World History and the US History test banks. They have been a huge asset this year in writing effective common assessments for our courses. I eagerly await the opening of next year's budget to purchase both your World Geography and US History since 1877 test banks- regardless of state action. Your test bank is a wonderful asset to any assessment writer. It provides not only an array of leveled questions sorted and aligned by TEKS, but a large variety of maps, charts, diagrams, etc. that are of immeasurable value to a first year curriculum coordinator like myself. Having such an extensive bank provided for an affordable price is definitely a valued resource for small school districts like mine."

--Faith M. Longorio,  Social Studies Coordinator,  Crosby Independent School District 

"Thanks you so much for the quality work you do in the area of Social Studies.  Edinburg CISD teachers depend on the quality of your work: Mastering the TEKS for 8th, World Geography, and U.S. History. We have used your student books since the administration of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS). Mastering the TEKS student books are user-friendly and a great resource for teachers to use in preparing for student success. I am most definitely interested in purchasing item test banks for World Geography and U.S. History."

--Irma Villarreal, District Social Studies Specialist, Edinburg CISD

"As a district, we are aware that now more than ever we will have to uphold high standards on our local assessments to ensure that social studies is taught to the depth and understanding set forth by the state.  That being said, with all of the possible changes to assessment taking place, one thing I am sure of is that the 11th grade US History assessment will remain.  Therefore we will need as much support with this particular course as possible.  There have been discussions amongst neighboring school districts as to which grade would US History be placed in if HB 5 were to pass.  Students will need to be exposed to the rigorous level of questions that your assessment bank provides as early as possible.  I hope this helps shed some light as to my view for the needs of the two assessment banks mentioned above.  Thank you for asking for my thoughts."

 --Gretchen Gaskins, Coordinator of Social Studies, Alief ISD